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8 Steps To Creating A New Moon Ritual

Updated: Jan 26

During the new moon, the masculine energies of the sun (yang) and the feminine energies of the moon (yin) align astrologically.

The new moon is a powerful time for new beginnings: new projects, new relationships, or a new perspective on an area in your life in which you feel stuck.

Creating a new moon ritual is the perfect act to take inventory of your life, cultivate inner peace and purpose, and embrace working with the powerful energies of the universe.

This is your space to drop into your wise, authentic self. This is your space to create magic.

It’s time to get quiet and listen to your inner wisdom.

1. Create your Sacred Space.

Dedicate a space in your home for your sacred altar, this can be a corner, a small table top, a mantle, or any other space you can dedicate to creating sacredness and ritual in your life.

This is your space to drop into your wise, authentic self. This is your space to create magic.

First, let’s make sure this area is clean and clear of any junk (we’re talking both physically and energetically). So bust out your cleaning products and donation box because we are clearing out space!

Then, fill this altar with beautiful things that light you up and inspire you. Some ideas include:

  • A beautiful cloth to cover the table

  • Fresh flowers to add life and vibrancy

  • Statues or pictures of gods/ goddesses who you feel connected with and inspired by

  • Candles

  • Incense

  • Essential Oils

  • Crystals

  • Oracle or Tarot Cards

  • Meditation pillow or sheepskin to sit on

  • Fruit or tea

  • Natural elements like feathers, pine cones, branches, small plants, or cup of water

  • Quotes

  • Pictures

  • Poems

  • Mirrors

  • Special Jewelry

  • Anything that uplifts you and makes you feel good!

Another thing to consider, is pleasing your five senses. So ask yourself:

  • What would look beautiful here?

  • What sounds would help me relax and drop in to my intuition?

  • What scents would inspire me in my sacred space?

  • What textures would I enjoy feeling during my rituals?

  • What tastes  would I like to experience?

2. Clear Out Negative Energies with a Sage or Palo Santo Smudge

For centuries, smudging has been used as a tool for enhancing intuition and connecting to the spiritual realm. Smudging helps rid any space or object from negative energy.

Smudging with Sage

Sage is believed to emit negative ions. Don’t worry, if “negative ions” sound like a negative thing, they’re not! Ever wonder why you feel so good walking on the beach or hiking through the mountains?

In these natural, open spaces there are tens of thousands of negative ions floating through the air.

Negative ions actually stick to positive ions, allergens, and other contaminants and clear them out of the air. Positive ions are ions that have lost one or more electrons and are associated with stress and anxiety.

Basically, negative ions help create positive vibes!

A research study in 2016 found that compounds within white sage are associated with reducing stress and elevating your mood.

Smudging with Palo Santo

Palo Santo, translated as the "Holy Stick", has been used for hundreds of years by the indigenous people of South America.

It's great for clearing away any negative energies as well as cleansing your beloved crystals!

3. Light a Fire

Okay, not like that! Fire safety is always a priority.

What we’re talking about here is lighting up:

  • Candles

  • Incense

  • Essential oil burner

These are fantastic tools for creating ambiance and tuning your senses into your sacred space.

4. Get Your Chant On

Before you begin chanting, take three deep breaths. Take a moment to tap into your heart and connect with your true, authentic self.

Chant your favorite chant or OM three times.

5. Get Into Gratitude

Take a moment to reflect and write down 3-5 things you are grateful for in your life. These things can be people in our lives, opportunities, places you have access to, or any other wonderful, magical things that have lit up your spirit over the last month.

6. Set Your Intention for the Month

Now that your feeling grounded and connected to your authentic self, remind yourself of who you are and your divine purpose.

Now write 3-5  intentions and wishes you are focused on manifesting for the month.

Remember, New Moons are the perfect time for new beginnings. So tune into your heart and listen to what your soul is truly desiring. Is it a new resolution? Is it a new phase of healing? Is it a new opportunity?

What are the things you are ready to call into your life? What are the things you are ready to let go of?

7. Declare Your Desires

Speaking your desires out loud will help cultivate the feelings of what you are calling in.

8. Give Thanks

Thank God, your angeles, The Universe, whoever it is that you feel a connection with for all the miracles in your life. Feel a deep sense of gratitude and know that you are supported.

Helpful tips for a successful New Moon Ritual:

  • Silence your phone and put it away in a drawer.

  • Remove any pets from the room or take them outside while you are in ritual. Sorry Fluffy!

  • If you live with others, including your kids, let them know what you’re up to and ask to refrain from interrupting you until you’re done.

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