Lisa Vitta,

                         Life style Guru, is a Native Southern California girl who finds her greatest joy in life being a mother and a teacher. Finding yoga in college she was drawn to it immediately and through the years she found herself searching out deeper classes on meditation. Stumbling one day into the Golden Bridge Yoga she felt the authenticity of the teachings and a few years later found herself in their intensive nine month training program.

When Lisa entered into the Level 1 Kundalini training she never imagined coming out and wanting to teach it to other students. She had found her life purpose through the journey and wanted everyone else to have the same experience. Lisa’s teacher training group was one of the last to experience the teachings from the greatest lineage of teachers including renowned Gurmuckh who had created Golden Bridge Yoga, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Harijwan Singh and other Masters that had been trained in the early years by Yogi Bhajan. Lisa continues her deeper teachings in Humanology with Guru Singh, a very beloved teacher in Los Angeles.

Formerly, the owner of a boutique Yoga/Wellness Studio, Guru’s Gate Yoga, located in Manhattan Beach, CA, Lisa recently moved back to Mission Viejo with her husband and they completed a complete renovation on the family home she grew up in since her childhood. Lisa is now teaching several Kundalini classes at You and the Mat Studio, Laguna Niguel and her own Mission Viejo – Yoga Studio in her backyard where she teaches on a more intimate level specializing in classes devoted to Ageless Wisdom, Chakra Balancing, Women's Circles that empower the Devine Feminine, Couples Connection, Sacred Gatherings and Healing Sound Baths.

Students enjoy the generous outpouring of energy, joy, humor and wisdom that she freely shares during and after each class. Drawing on her own personal experiences, Lisa shares her love with her students as she guides them through their own exploration towards Self-realization & Enlightenment. From de-stressing and dealing with matters of the heart, to unlocking creative potential and coping with school, families and aging.

Lisa is a devoted Yogini and teacher who truly enjoys connecting with each student on a deeper level. Her classes focus on deepening the breath, moving the energy up the spine, mantra to vibrate and heal, allowing everyone to elevate to their higher consciousness. You will feel her immediate warmth and compassion from the minute you meet her and wait till you try her Organic Yogi Chai Tea she makes from scratch! Lisa embodies Enlightened Living and her ability to find balance in such a crazy world is truly inspiring!


Devotion is my life’s mantra. I commit all of myself into everything that I do. I pour my heart into managing my home and caring for my family, into perfecting my craft as a professional designer and into guiding my students to find their own authentic selves through yoga, meditation, self-reflection and self-love. We each have our own unique journeys to take that define who we are and our purpose in life.

My own journey has taught me that I am most fulfilled when I am helping others find their way. I take a personal interest in each of my students and I enjoy helping to bring out the unique bright spirit that is within each and every one of us. Even if you are a soul already in balance, we can burn brighter by association and strengthen each other’s spirit.


Lisa Vitta

My Mantra

SAT NAM – Truth is our Name

I Love the ancient language of Sanskrit
I Witness Miracles Daily
Wish it – Dream it – Do it
I love giving life sermons from a glass of wine
If I could have one Wish granted it would be that ALL women knew how beautiful they are.
Guru Ram a Das is my favorite mantra
I play mantra all day in my house
I love a long car drive so I can chant the whole way!
I have learned it’s not about fixing everybody, but just listening with empathy.


I sometimes feel like a Lone Wolf
I believe less is more and successful people
know how to just BE.
I went across the world to India only to learn that we need to find our Devotion in every aspect of our Life.
Family means everything to me
My life feels like a sitcom most days.


The more I dive into the meaning of life the more I believe I can put the puzzle together.
I feel like I have lived in a cave in a past life and sometimes I miss the quietness.
The highlight of my life is being a teacher to such amazing students.


I need to leave this life making a difference!



Kathryn Carlson

Laguna Niguel

I am a life long seeker. I grew up in a uniquely hyper spiritual Christian tradition that never seemed to provide all that I wanted to know. I found yoga when I was 17 I have been doing yoga on and off for 10 years.....

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Student Love

Joe Schmidt

Aliso Viejo

Lisa Vitta is a deeply loving, caring, nurturing and spiritually rich individual who gracefully guides each client or student to new energetic highs during every encounter! She is devoted to helping others, has the ability to.....

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Robin Lambert

I just wanted to share a few words about my teacher, mentor and friend, Lisa Vitta. Although I have done yoga and pilates over many years, I have never had a teacher that has taught so much more than a “class.”.....

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