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THE Chakra Challenge

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An Energy Healing Journey


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  • Quizzes, Mantras, Meditations, Tools, Recipes and Resources for all Seven Chakras

  • One Hour + Classes to Awaken Each Chakra, plus a Total Chakra Tune-Up (9 Hours of Class Time!)

  • Meditation Videos

  • Take at your OWN PACE! Access never expires



I am a total beginner in yoga and I learned so much from Lisa's Chakra Challenge. Each video felt like I was building my spiritual awareness and the meditations are awesome! I now know which chakras in my body I need to focus on to keep myself in balance and I love incorporating the essential oils and crystals in my yoga routines.

-Lorena V.

I enjoyed learning about all the chakras! Lisa's classes are always enlightening. I especially liked that she had resources like music, mantras and even a quiz for each chakra. Thank you Lisa!

-Karla A.

Lisa shares her love and knowledge of kundalini yoga with an insightful journey through each chakra so that we can harness the power of these energy centers.   She uses powerful visualizations, recommends beautiful playlists and other tools to amplify integration and alignment of body, mind and spirit.   I am so grateful for her noble work!

-Pam F.


CHAKRAS are the energy centers in our body where energy flows through.  These energy centers are directly linked to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies or attributes. Some of these seven main chakras can be blocked (under-active) or too open (over-active). When this happens, our being as a whole cannot balance, often leading to illness and/or emotional blocks, therefore creating an unhealthy environment.


The chakras are in continuous motion. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely, you can achieve optimal quality of life for yourself and those around you. Each relates to a specific color and vibrational frequency.  They are visualized as lotuses with a different numbers of petals for each chakra. The chakras have the power to vitalize body and mind. Their spinning action draws in an energy referred to Universal Life Force.


By concentrating on one specific Chakra in a Kundalini Yoga Class, we can understand what each chakra represents and how to balance it with certain movements and mantras. When all chakras are in balance you have the power to vitalize the body and mind. With each class we will also use specific mudras, sounds, crystals, aromatherapy, and talk about what foods and herbs help cleanse and purify the chakra.


Throughout this series, we dive into powerful kriyas that will build our awareness and energize the mental, spiritual, etheric and physical body into balance, joy and bliss.



Did you know that your seven energy centers are the gateways to your Spiritual Self?


We all have Seven Major Chakras, and each Chakra represents an Energy Center that corresponds to a different aspect of life. Each one provides important functions on the four levels of existence: physical, emotional, intellectual and subtle. When we practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis we can properly balance each of our Seven Chakras with Conscious Loving Awareness.

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What's Included?

In this step-by-step Chakra Challenge, Lisa Vitta brings her favorite tools from her Spiritual Toolbox to uplift you into your highest potential. Her wisdom and knowledge of these important energy centers is shared throughout the weekly class videos while you are flowing through dynamic movements, powerful breathing techniques and chanting sanskrit mantras to open the gateways to your higher self.

You will start each Chakra Upgrade by taking a quiz to help you discern if your chakra is out of balance, or blocked. Each Chakra will have a series of questions to reveal if your chakra is spinning to fast or too slow. You will also be given questions and journal prompts to expand your mind and prepare for class.


Lisa provides specific mantras for each Chakra to activate and balance, along with an Apple Music class playlist and Spiritual Tools to balance and heal the Chakras through food, colors, crystals and essential oils.


Take the Class Kriya to balance each Chakra. During each class, we will chant the sound of the Chakra in power of 3's along with integrating the specific mudra for that Chakra.  It is recommend to take the class more than once during the week to really connect and bond with your Chakra. After class, Lisa will lead a mediation to help connect with each Chakra. It is recommend to do this immediately after class, and also by itself at any time for meditation.