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How To Create A Sacred Space for Meditation, Magic, and Mantras

Updated: Jan 26

Hey there you beautiful, divine, high priestess, Goddess, you!

You deserve something special.

You deserve a sacred sanctuary in which you can fully step into your spiritual wisdom, tap into your divine guidance, and connect to the Divine.

We're able to walk through life with confidence and power, easily making choices and decisions, when we can hear our own spiritual intuition and divine guidance.

In today's modern society, our attention is being scattered in a million different directions and it can be hard to connect to yourself on that deeper level.

This is your space for self care, divine connection, healing, and magic.

So whether you're sitting down for your morning meditation or manifesting with a new moon ritual, creating a sacred space will support your highest self practices.

Plus, sacred spaces are absolutely gorgeous and will beckon your presence with their beauty and magic.

1. Choose a small space or corner in your home dedicated to grounding and reconnecting with yourself.

This could be:

  • a large mirror.

  • a corner of your bedroom.

  • the top of a dresser or side table.

  • a makeshift table, like some stacked boxes or something similar.

Make it feel beautiful and cozy by adding a beautiful cloth over it.

Remember, this is your sacred space. It can be anything you want.

2. Add your favorite spiritual tools.

Every wise woman has her own spiritual practice with her own special tools.

If you're still looking for the spiritual tools in which you connect with on the deepest level, here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Oracle Cards

  • Tarot Cards

  • Journaling

  • Crystals

  • Gemstones

  • Candles

  • Malas

  • Singing Bowls

  • Runes

3. Adorn your sacred space with inspirational art and objects.

The objects on your sacred altar may be seasonal depending on your intentions.

For example, if you want to connect with the Earth and it's seasons, you may add natural elements like flowers in the spring and red leaves in the fall.

If you are wanting to connect with a specific goddess for a season, you can add an image, figurine, or oracle card of her plus elements she is connected with.

Other ideas for your sacred altar include:

  • Flowers

  • Plants

  • Herbs

  • Feathers

  • Seashells

  • Photographs or art

  • Write down a word, phrase, or quote you want to meditate on.

  • Natural objects you find outside like leaves, stones, pinecones, seashells, etc.

  • Statues/ images of goddesses you want to connect with or channel their energy.

4. Delight your senses.

Your sacred space should make you feel like a beautiful, wise, goddess QUEEN.

What makes you feel good?

Think about the small little details you can add to enchant your senses and help you tune into your highest self like:

  • a soft blanket or rug to sit on

  • incense to burn

  • essentail oils

  • the aroma of fresh flowers

  • meditation music or mantras playing softly in the background

  • a cozy shawl or sweater that makes you feel beautiful and powerful


Lighting can have a big effect on your psyche. I highly recommend finding some soft lighting to help your mind relax.

Whether it's a few candles, a string of fairy lights, a night light, natural lighting, or LED candles (great for fire safety purposes and they even make ones that flicker), find a soft light that will support you in softening you psyche and ditching the bright, fluorescent lights.

5. Charge your favorite items with sacred energy.

Do you have a favorite crystal or piece of jewelry that you wear everyday?

Place it on your altar and let it charge with the energy of your sacred space so you can carry that vibration with you throughout your say.

Having a sacred space, also known as an altar, is a powerful daily tool and ritual for women today to slow down and tap into their spiritual connection, knowing, and divine feminine power.

Taking time to look inward may not always feel like the best use of our time when we have a thousand and one tasks on our to-do list.

However it brings about a new and much deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

It gives us the opportunity to live more authentically with our soul's desires and connect with others and nature on a spiritual and energetic level.

Let's make healing, connecting to your highest self, and nurturing your spirituality a priority.💛

Want to remember these tips for creating your own sacred space? Pin for later!

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