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Unleashing the Divine Feminine

Updated: Jan 26

The power of being a woman has never been more clear and more evident than it is today.

Social media has made it easy for women to connect around the globe and empower each other on an almost constant basis.

Within us all is a strong, confident and vibrant goddess waiting to break out; but how do you really unleash the divine feminine that resides in each and every one of us?

What does that actually mean and how do you connect the spiritual, physical and mental self to become the best version of you? Here's what you need to know about unleashing the Divine Feminine.

High Priestess Energy

What is a high priestess and what sort of energy does she bring? 

A high priestess is someone who is deeply connected and in tune with herself, nature and the energy of the world around her.

She has a need and desire to heal, connect and nurture everyone and everything around her. She strives to bring balance between the feminine and masculine energies of the world.

A high energy priestess is constantly looking inward, meditating and praying so she can connect to others vibrations and energy to help heal the world. 

Ancient Teachings

The Divine Feminine is an ancient notion that energy and consciousness is either feminine or masculine and that a balance and understanding of both brings about the best version of ourselves, whether we are female, male or identify somewhere in between.

The energy of the Feminine Divine is thousands of years old and each culture has several deities that represent what it is.

The three main archetypes are the Fire-y Goddess representing strength and power, the Joyful Goddess who is the mother of fertility and sensuality and the Peaceful Goddess who is filled with love and peace. These representations are all part of an energy that already exists within us. 

The feminine side also identifies with such things as compassion, empathy, creativity, connection and intuition.

Getting in tune with the Feminine Divine is a great way of healing yourself and helping others heal. It teaches you to listen and commune with your own emotions.

The Divine Feminine also teaches you patience for yourself as well as others. When reconnecting with the Divine Feminine these qualities will present themselves more often in your personal life as well as your relationships with others.

The energy of the Divine Feminine will bring about positive change within yourself and ultimately affect everything else in a positive way. Perhaps you’ll find that self deprecating little voice in the back of your head will quiet down, leaving your true, authentic voice to be heard.


Connecting to the energy of the divine feminine opens up a pathway for us to access more wisdom.

For example, coming from a place of wisdom, if you find yourself in a situation where you may instantly get defensive, you might instead take the opportunity to learn something new or see something from a new perspective

Coming from a place of wisdom, you can also tap into your intuitive energy.

Our minds like to play tricks on us and when you can connect to yourself on that deeper level, your intuition will take over and choices and decisions will become more clear.

Learning to look inward takes a lot of practice and patience, however it brings about a new understanding of yourself and the world we live in.

The more we practice this internal work the easier it becomes to connect with others and nature on a spiritual and energetic level.

As we practice this and pass on compassion to others, the space between the divine feminine and divine masculine with lesson and become more equally balanced. 

The Power of Sisterhood and Healing the Heart for Spiritual Growth

The Divine Feminine has been hidden and rejected for thousands of years.

However, now more than ever, the world needs healing and growth.

Bringing back a balance between the feminine and masculine energies will bring about this change. How do we do this?

We need to come together and treat each other with more compassion and understanding.

We need to create vitality amongst ourselves and share that inner Divine Feminine with everyone.

We need to teach our children well and strive to be more understanding and compassionate towards humanity, nature and the planet. 

Everyday Practices to Unleash the Divine Feminine

  1. Meditate: This doesn't have to look like meditation in the traditional sense, any activity that slows your thought process down and helps you refocus your energy can be considered meditation. Of course it can look like a seated or guided meditation but it can also look like a run or a hike, surfing or even something as mundane as folding the laundry. Practicing any sort of mediation daily for as little as 5 minutes can really help you look inward and reconnect to your divine self.

  2. Reflect and Journal: Before you go to bed at night, reflect on your day and journal about it. What were the highs and lows? How did your emotions flow throughout the day? How are you really feeling and why? Never hide from your emotions, instead feel everything - from anger to joy. Experience your emotions as they come.

  3. Listen: Listen to yourself but also take the time to really listen to others. When someone is speaking to you, focus on what they are saying instead of already formulating a response. Listen to nature, the sound of wind in the trees, birds chirping or waves lapping against the shoreline can all help you connect to mother nature. 

  4. Be Creative: Painting, coloring, cooking, photography, music, dancing, gardening, etc. are all ways to get creative. Creating invites new and exciting things into your life and invokes feelings of productivity, gratitude and accomplishment.

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