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Negative Mindset Meditation | How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts Through Breathwork

Updated: Jan 26

If you've been struggling with negative thoughts lately, then this meditation is for you.

This negative mindset meditation will help you eliminate those limiting, negative thoughts through the power of breathwork. It's perfect for both beginner and experienced meditators so get ready to set aside a few minutes to transform your negative mindset into a clear mindset.

As you clear your subconscious mind, you create space for new creative ideas.

  1. Find a quiet place to sit and take a moment to ground yourself.

  2. Bring your left hand out with the palm facing up. It should be slightly cupped like you're trying to catch some water in your hand.

  3. Place your right hand on top of your left .

  4. Keep your hands in front of your heart and your elbows relaxed down.

  5. Look down towards your hands and the tip of your nose.

  6. Inhale though the nose, exhale through the mouth.

  7. When you exhale, imagine all of your negative thoughts being blown away.

  8. Continue with this breathwork for about 3 minutes.

  9. You can imagine a black or grey smoke being released from your body as you exhale.

  10. As you breathe in, make sure your belly is rising on the inhale. As you exhale, be sure to gently pull your navel in.

  11. At the end of your breathwork, take a big inhale, hold the breath, and pull up on the root lock.

  12. Close your eyes and point them up towards your third eye.

  13. Exhale a powerful breath out onto the palms.

  14. Repeat that final breath one more time.

  15. Shake out your hands.

  16. Bring your palms down facing up onto your knees.

  17. Close your eyes and take a moment to connect swithyourself before continuing on with your day.

I hope this meditation helps you find relief from negative thoughts and clear your mind so you can find peace, joy, and radiance in your life.

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