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Kundalini Yoga For Increased Awareness, Mental Clarity and Healing

Updated: Jan 26

Kundalini Yoga is a total workout for the body, mind and spirit! There are many forms of yoga which include a connection through breath and movement, body and spirit and a union with the universe, but as one of my teachers would say …. Kundalini Yoga just gets you to your destination faster! “Do you want to putt along in the Toyota or do you want to drive the Ferrari and get the whole experience?”

A good Kundalini yoga session will make you feel exhilarated and might even create a new bounce and lease on your life. You see it’s a powerful technology that works on many levels by freeing the flow of energy at the base of the spine to allow it to circulate through power points in the body known as “Chakra’s.” These wheels of energy are aligned with the spine and are powerful spinning vortex’s that connect and balance the organs, glands, our happiness and health!

This ancient and very specialized yoga does this with specific breathing techniques, combinations of exercises, chanting that clears the glandular system; while calming the mind and releasing stored emotions that no longer serve us. It allows us to build strength, vitality and giving us the Spiritual Armor we need to move effortlessly through our day.

Each Kundalini Yoga session builds over time and one day you will wake up and just think, 'wow, do I really feel this great?' Some of the wonderful effects I felt were the witnessing of miracles popping in all around me, the feeling of gratitude in my heart and deeper self-love and acceptance for myself. Kundalini feels like you have just received a spiritual life coaching session allowing many deep-seated issues and trauma come to the surface so they can be released. Many people find themselves crying in a kundalini class and some just start laughing with pure joy, either way it’s a beautiful release and feels amazing!

Want a fast Kundalini routine to start your day? Try this:

1. SAT NAM (sounds like SUT NOM): We use it as a greeting, anytime, anyplace. It reinforces the divine consciousness in everyone! Throughout class we mentally chant this to clear the subconscious. SAT means Truth or Essence, NAM means Name or Identity; often translated as "Truth is my Identity; I Am Truth."

2. ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO: We tune into every class with this beautiful mantra and we chant it three times. This mantra calls upon the Creator, the Divine Teacher inside every human being. It establishes a strong and clear connection so that we can receive the highest guidance, energy and inspiration. I love Snatam Kaur’s version and there are so many to choose from!

3. BREATHE DEEPLY: Each class we begin to breath through our bodies and release the tension of the day. There are many forms of breath-work. Begin with long deep breathing, allowing the belly to rise as you inhale and surrender back to the spine on the exhale. You would be amazed how many students reverse there breathing. Practice this daily!

4. SPINAL FLEX: This works on the lower part of the spine where the kundalini energy resides. Sitting on the floor in Easy Pose, begin to grab the ankles and inhale while you flex the spine forward. Lift the chest up, keeping your shoulders relaxed and open. Then as you exhale, arch your spine backwards. Keep your head neutral and stable. Make sure to inhale forward (sat) and exhale back (nam) while creating a rhythm with the breath and the movement.

After 2-3 minutes, inhale and apply a Root Lock, sucking in at your navel and pulling the muscles around your stomach, buttocks and sex organs. Keep squeezing the muscles and allowing the kundalini energy to rise up the spine. Repeat this after each of following exercises.

5. SUFI GRIND: This is another warm-up favorite that wakes up the spine and the lower chakras. In Easy Pose, grab your knees and begin to move your body and spine in a circular motion. Lead with the heart and inhale (sat) as you rotate clockwise and lean forward, exhale (nam) as you go backwards. Remember to keep your eyes closed and focused on your third eye point between the brows, our center of intuition.

6. SPINAL TWIST: This is one of my favorites and really allows me to open my heart. In Easy Pose place your fingers in gyan mudra (thumb and index touch), and let the arms stretch out like a football post. Keep the elbows up at the heart level and begin to inhale (sat) as you twist left and exhale (nam) as you twist right. This exercise is an excellent detoxifier and allows the internal organs to get a nice gentle massage. Make sure to coordinate the breath with the movement.

7. EGO ERADICATOR: It may sound daunting, but it is a very powerful pose that opens the lungs, consolidates the magnetic field, and brings the brain hemispheres to a state of alertness. I love to use Breath of Fire continuously in my classes because it’s so energizing and it amplifies the endorphins like crazy!

Take the tips of your fingers and curl them on the tops of the pads of your hands as you extend your thumbs face-out, making an arc. Extend your arms overhead at a 60-degree angle, grounding your root chakra into the earth and plugging your fingers and thumbs into the sky. Close the eyes and roll them up to focus on your third eye, the spot between your eyebrows. Begin to pump the belly and the intensity of your breath. Start slow if you are new to Breath of Fire, remember on the inhale the belly rises and the exhale belly retracts into the spine. When you get the hang of this breath begin to increase the speed and duration up to 3 minutes.

Afterward reach your hands straight up to the sky, take a deep inhalation, and hold it for as long as you comfortably can. Allow the thumbs to touch with the fingers lifted, exhale and float the hands down and touch the floor. Feel yourself grounded, connected and ready to start your day. Women who are on the first day or two of their cycle or pregnant should refrain from any intensified breath work.

8. LOVE & GRATITUDE: Always end with love & gratitude, if time allows feel free to journal.

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