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Ignite Gratitude in Your Spiritual Practice

Updated: Jan 26

What is gratitude? Is it something you are born with? Something you can create or cultivate? Are some people just naturally more grateful than others? Or is it something we all must practice?

Gratitude is a deep spiritual practice. It goes beyond being thankful for the things we have or feeling happy when something good happens to us. These are feelings most people experience without giving it much thought. However, gratitude comes from an intentional place of appreciation and thankfulness for everything in your life, good and bad.

Gratitude happens when you continually look for things to be thankful for despite what circumstances or situations you might be experiencing. Gratitude especially happens when you seek out things to be thankful for when everything seems to be going bad or not your way. It is especially important to practice gratitude in these situations.

Gratitude Raises our Consciousness

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis forces you to slow down and really take inventory of the things going on in your life. It teaches you to consciously recognize all the little things we take for granted and give thanks for whatever it may be. It could be something as small as giving thanks for your car starting and getting you to and from work or something as major as a clean bill of health after a major illness. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and actively seeking those things out is how to cultivate gratitude throughout your life.

Ways to Start Cultivating Gratitude in your Daily Life:

  1. Make a list of 5 things you are thankful for each and everyday

  2. Always say thank you

  3. Start a Gratitude Journal

  4. Give back - without expecting anything in return

  5. Each day make an effort to do something kind for our planet

  6. Train yourself to appreciate the good things and give thanks for them

  7. Practice mindful moments and deep breathing

  8. Use "I Am" affirmations each morning to start your day in gratitude

Gratitude is The Language of the Angels

Each one of us has a guardian angel who helps guide us through life on Earth. Guardian angels are God's messengers and they are always praying on our behalf.

Guardian angels are sent to protect us and deliver messages and lessons throughout our journey of life. Similar to human relationships, your relationship with your angel can be strong or weak, depending on the sort of effort your putting in.

Angels are attracted to positive energy and the more gratitude you cultivate, the stronger your bond with your angel will be.

Giving thanks to your angel, as well as God will send more light and positivity into the world and will return with more blessings for you.

Try keeping a prayer journal where you can write down specific prayers and track when they are answered. Once your prayer or prayers are answered, don’t forget to give thanks to your angel.

Gratitude Connects us With our Higher Self

The more you practice cultivating gratitude, the more you will feel connected to your higher self and higher power. This is because you start to focus on yourself and life as a whole rather than connecting to the bits and pieces you experience along the way. Practicing gratitude allows you to step back to see the bigger picture and gives you a chance to notice that everything works together for your greater good. Practicing gratitude forces us to trust that something or someone - whatever you identify with, is orchestrating your best life. It takes finding things to be grateful for to consistently stay connected to this higher power or higher self.

Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a healthy, happy and abundant life!

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