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The CHAKRA Challenge ✨ ROOT Chakra


In this step-by-step Chakra Challenge, Lisa Vitta brings her favorite tools to uplift you into your highest potential. Her wisdom and knowledge of these important energy centers is shared throughout the weekly class videos while you are flowing through dynamic movements, powerful breathing techniques and chanting sanskrit mantras to open the gateways to your higher self. You will start the ROOT Chakra Challenge by taking a quiz to help you discern if your chakra is out of balance, or blocked. This series of questions to reveal if your chakra is spinning to fast or too slow. You will also be given questions and journal prompts to expand your mind and prepare for class. Lisa provides specific mantras for your ROOT Chakra to activate and balance, along with an Apple Music class playlist and tools to balance and heal the ROOT Chakra through food, colors, crystals and essential oils. Take the Class Kriya to balance your ROOT Chakra. During this class, we will chant the sound of the ROOT Chakra in power of 3's along with integrating the specific mudra for the ROOT Chakra. It is recommend to take the class more than once during the week to really connect and bond with your ROOT Chakra. After class, Lisa will lead a mediation to help connect with your ROOT Chakra. It is recommend to do this immediately after class, and also by itself at any time for meditation.

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