Kathyrn Carlson,  Laguna Niguel


I am a life long seeker. I grew up in a uniquely hyper spiritual Christian tradition that never seemed to provide all that I wanted to know. I found yoga when I was 17 I have been doing yoga on and off for 10 years.

Despite this seeking- I have always felt stuck, or caught in a loop of returning back to old habits, anesthetizing my emotions with food addiction, work addiction, social butterfly acceptance addiction, just anything to make me feel valued, comforted or loved.

In September of 2017- I had reached a breaking point. I was so caught up in people pleasing, work addiction and other bad habits that I was run down. I was emotionally exhausted and pent up at the same time. I saw that the studio I went to had started offering kundalini classes and I was curious. I had been warned about kundalini by other yogis who talked about it being “weird”. I was curious though because I had heard it was about “awareness”.

After the first class with Lisa, I felt like I was floating on clouds. My friends hung out with me later that day and asked “what I was on” because they hadn’t seen me so mellow/happy. I kept going back for more and found that the “high” was keeping me in this incredibly aware and peaceful state. I had changed nothing else in my life but felt like a completely different person. Every single time I leave a class with Lisa I feel like another layer of weighted heaviness gets lifted off, and I’m able to connect even deeper with what I truly Am. I never expected this practice to heal such old wounds, and help me forgive things in my past I thought I’d never release. People have asked me so often what “medication” I’m taking- which makes me guess that the internal change is also showing itself externally.

I’m only 3 months into my journey- but I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My onlywish is that I could have a video of Lisa teaching Kundalini so I can wake up and do it every day.

I am so grateful for this practice and for Lisa to bringing it to us. I can’t promise it’ll change your life- but I can tell you it’s changed mine.

Joe Schmidt,  Aliso Viejo


Lisa Vitta is a deeply loving, caring, nurturing and spiritually rich individual who gracefully guides each client or student to new energetic highs during every encounter! She is devoted to helping others, has the ability to listen, understand and create a path of healing for everyone she works with whether it’s a one on one consultation, kundalini yoga, a therapeutic sound bath or meditation. Every time I have worked with Lisa my walk away feelings are the same… I am stronger, more aware, peaceful, relaxed, joyful and confident. I am now able to handle any situation, relationship or problems with kindness, love and an appropriate win-win solution. I highly recommend and encourage anyone to meet, get to know and work with Lisa so that you can raise your energy and vibration to improve the love and happiness in your life.

Robin Lambert


I just wanted to share a few words about my teacher, mentor and friend, Lisa Vitta. Although I have done yoga and pilates over many years, I have never had a teacher that has taught so much more than a “class.” Lisa changed peoples lives when she opened the doors to the Guru’s Gate. She taught Kundalini with all of her heart, if there were two people in the room or 30. She is so much more than a teacher: she has opened the door for so many of us on a great spiritual journey. She has this amazing ability to connect, to help you find the power in yourself to actually make changes in your life that at once seemed impossible and now flow on a regular basis. One of her consistent teachings is in being an “authentic” person, being honest and truthful. She not only teaches this, but she lives her life each and every day as an authentic person. Lisa will be in my life forever.

Rochelle Schneider


Focusing the power of mantra and breath, Lisa has guided me through a process of healing physical and emotional trauma and continues to help me evolve to my highest and best self. My body is out of pain and I now have practical knowledge of how to keep it clear and my spirits are soaring. I love the way she incorporates essential oils and sound therapy in her classes and the way she approaches life. Sat Nam, Lisa.

Rochelle Schneider
Atttorney at Law, Executive MBA

Katie Hill


Lisa brings so much love and energy to her work, when something seems impossible, she helps you find a way! I did private classes with Lisa and attended many of her studio classes as well.She got me to open up to the possibilities in my life and beyond the healing that came from yoga, just working with her was therapeutic.

At one point she encouraged me to set a very specific intention in my life and just a few months later, the exact thing I was searching for came to fruition. As a nutrition and health coach myself, it is a lesson that I am constantly reminding my own clients. I feel so blessed to have worked, and continue to work, with Lisa!

Katie Hill
Sage Wellness – Owner/Consultant



I love everything about her class! It completes me from head to toes each time and I don’t want to leave her classroom. The more I go to her classes the more I am fulfilled. TRULY AMAZING !!! Kundalini Yoga has helped me with so many difficulties in my life. No matter how much I love Kundalini, I have found without the right teacher…it is not nearly as impactful.

I am a super honest person and I follow what I feel, so If I don’t like I just leave the room or I’ll stay home. I was told from so many “yogis” and other instructors to take Lisa’s classes but was reluctant since I live an hour away from the studio. It took me about three months to take her first class and I finally caved. OMG! It was beyond what I expected and instantly became a huge fan. She has much knowledge, experience, maturity, and stamina…she is a real deal!!!!! The more I started taking her classes the 4 more I discovered her real beauty. Lisa Vitta is an authentic, loving, super caring, kind, warm, and compassionate person. One day I texted her that I needed healing because there was a tragedy in my family. After the text, she made a whole one and half hour class specifically to suite my needs. Who does that? She listens to each individual’s needs and always takes it into consideration when planning her following class. She is there for everyone who needs help. I love and respect her so much! She is my life mentor for sure!



I have recently retired and looking to repair years of working and life stress. I began trying different yoga classes until I stumbled across a particular yoga called Kundalini. They say when you are ready the universe gives you the right teacher, in my case it was Lisa Vitta. I knew I was home in her class. The chanting and singing resonated a deep feeling of peace and i feel it’s effects daily. We work our body’s in exercises passed down from all ages. With special guidance from Lisa I have learned devotion and it has become a practice I love. Lisa Vitta has a special gift and I am very grateful i found your light.

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