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I am a life long seeker. I grew up in a uniquely hyper spiritual Christian tradition that never seemed to provide all that I wanted to know. I found yoga when I was 17 I have been doing yoga on and off for 10 years.

Despite this seeking- I have always felt stuck, or caught in a loop of returning back to old habits, anesthetizing my emotions with food addiction, work addiction, social butterfly acceptance addiction, just anything to make me feel valued, comforted or loved.

In September of 2017- I had reached a breaking point. I was so caught up in people pleasing, work addiction and other bad habits that I was run down. I was emotionally exhausted and pent up at the same time. I saw that the studio I went to had started offering kundalini classes and I was curious. I had been warned about kundalini by other yogis who talked about it being “weird”. I was curious though because I had heard it was about “awareness”.

After the first class with Lisa, I felt like I was floating on clouds. My friends hung out with me later that day and asked “what I was on” because they hadn’t seen me so mellow/happy. I kept going back for more and found that the “high” was keeping me in this incredibly aware and peaceful state. I had changed nothing else in my life but felt like a completely different person. Every single time I leave a class with Lisa I feel like another layer of weighted heaviness gets lifted off, and I’m able to connect even deeper with what I truly Am. I never expected this practice to heal such old wounds, and help me forgive things in my past I thought I’d never release. People have asked me so often what “medication” I’m taking- which makes me guess that the internal change is also showing itself externally.

I’m only 3 months into my journey- but I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My onlywish is that I could have a video of Lisa teaching Kundalini so I can wake up and do it every day.

I am so grateful for this practice and for Lisa to bringing it to us. I can’t promise it’ll change your life- but I can tell you it’s changed mine.

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