3 Kundalini Yoga Chants That Will Change Your Life

Updated: May 7, 2020

Chanting is a powerful spiritual tool done through the heart with reverence and devotion.

It allows us to connect deeply with our hearts, our souls, our intentions, and higher powers.

Plus, it literally raises your vibe!

Here are three Kundalini Yoga chants you can practice for 11 minutes each for a power of three, a perfect trinity!

1. Universal Healing Mantra: "Ra Ma Da Sa - Sa SA So Hung"


“I am Thou." Likewise this mantra can mean, "the service of God is within me.“


Bring your elbows in so they are snug up against your rib cage and your palms are facing up towards the sky.

Close your eyes and look towards your third eye.

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung.

Sing the mantra in one big exhalation.

As you sing Hung, feel the vibration of the chant at the root of the nose.

Feel the flow of healing energy as you receive through the palm of the hands and into the heart.

After 11 minutes, take a big, deep inhale and hold it. Visualize someone want to send healing to- and yes, you can send yourself love!

Still holding the vision of that person in your mind, exhale your breath as you imagine a vibrant green light energy coming over that person and healing their entire body.

Send them love and relax.

Place booth hands over the heart to connect to the universal heart chakra.

2. "Guru Ram Das" Mantra


The wisdom that flows through the one who serves the infinite is great.


Start in easy pose on the floor with your hands cupped in front of your chest.

Lengthen your spin and relax your shoulders.

Close your eyes and focus towards your third eye.

Guru, Guru, Wa He Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru.

Feel the flow of abundance and prosperity flowing in through your cupped hands.

After the 11 minutes inhale and sweep the hands of the head and auric field three times to wash over into your magnetic field of energy around your body.

Chanting this mantras activates all of your chakras, promotes healing, magic, and miracles.

3. Universal Mantra: "MA" Mantra


Divine Mother Loving Energy


I like to do this with my hands over my heart as I connect to the center, my three fold flame.

Imagine a rose quart flame, a diamond white flame, and an aquamarine flame uniting as one pure fire.

Close your eyes and focus towards your third eye.


Chant this mantra at a high comfortable pitch and feel it vibrate through your whole body.

This mantra evokes universal protection and compassion. Feel the comfort and love of the Divine Mother with the MAAA mantra.

When practiced regularly, this mantra will hep you pursue your goals with confidence and feelings of support.

This chant is powerful medicine for the soul when you're experiencing feelings of loneliness and feeling detached from your soul.

11-Minute Mantra Challenge

Try chanting these 11-minute mantras on a daily basis for three weeks straight and witness your energy elevate beyond belief.

Looking for more life transforming mantras to chant? Come hang out with me on instagram where I share a ton of mantras, yoga, and spirit; lifestyle guidance every single week @lisavitta.

If you're craving some guidance and community with your yoga, chanting, and spiritual practices, be sure to sign up and join my LIVE online yoga classes here and become a part of my beautiful community of Wisdom Warriors.

Sat Nam. ✨💕

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