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Teen Girls Mentorship

Yoga for Teen Girls is open to all between the ages of 12–17.

This is a KundaliniYoga class designed especially for Teenager Girls. It will be in a space where they can safely relax and explore and learn more about this ancient art in the company of young girls their own age. It is designed to be fun, relaxing and physical and can help young women to get in touch with their bodies and understand how to manage and relax their inner thoughts and emotions.

Yoga & Mentorship can help develop life long preventative strategies for coping with challenges and helping to develop a strong sense of true self and power. It is a great opportunity to expand their awareness and their skills at managing stress and resilience. Allowing them to clear away anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and toxins, through breath work and meditations.

Clinical studies have shown that yoga & meditation  improves academic performance and emotional balance as well as helping to foster motivation. Yoga helps to shift self-awareness to internal cues and emotions, allowing for greater self-regulation.

What to expect in a class:

The class will begin by tuning in as a group and then focusing on specialized breathing exercises and physical warm ups before beginning the kriya for that week.

A Kriya is a set of postures, meditation, mantra and breath-work that is designed to work on a particular aspect of the self.

After the kriya there will be a relaxation time, which may be accompanied by a short gong bath to help students relax. If time permits, there will be a short meditation and then the practice will finish with ‘the long time sun’ song.

Each class will build on the week before, and there will be a chance to chat about how you can apply what is learnt in yoga to your everyday life.


  • Mindful Awareness
  • Relaxation
  • Self Calming Strategies
  • Self Love & Acceptance
  • Connection of Mind, Body & Soul
  • A Positve Relationship with the Body
  • Tolerance of others
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem

Grab you friends and create your own personal yoga class …

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