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Mantra & Meditation

mantra & Meditation

In kundalini yoga,  Mantra & Meditation are used to clear the mind of conscious, ego-driven thoughts that restrict us from experiencing joy. You may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable chanting out loud at first, since our culture views singing out loud strange or odd sometimes.  If you can get past the embarrassment you’ll find it very enriching and rewarding. So leave those inhibitions at the door and really open heart & soul!Mantra is a mind projection created in either a spoken or mental manner. Mantra can be a word, phrase, syllable or sound. They can be recited, sung or repeated silently in the mind and is a technique for regulating the mind. There are many mantras each one having its own quality, rhythm and effect. Every thought or feeling that we have is on a vibratory frequency. By using mantra we direct the mind into a higher vibratory frequency.For thousands of years, mystics, meditators, and yogis have used mantras for mental and spiritual transformation.

“ Chanting repetitively clears negative and stagnated energies that accumulate within us, and while we focus on the sounds we clear our minds more easily of other mental clutter”

The Power of Mantra

Our mind, just like our body can age through old ideas, emotions, beliefs and opinions that create blockages in our channels of perception. We stop seeing things as they really are and see only what our minds habits allow us to see.

Chanting mantra is very effective meditation tool to draw attention away from our ordinary preoccupations and limiting beliefs. It opens the flow of energy through our vocal chords into our entire nervous system as well as awakening our prana/life force as a whole.

It is this awakened inner flow of energy, which produces moments of flow, connectedness and inspiration

Mantra is a powerful device for effecting change within our bodies  by stimulating the immune system. There are an incredible eighty-four reflex points around the mouth that are activated by the vibrations of chanting. These in turn trigger the hypothalamus, a gland in the brain responsible for controlling important metabolic, hormonal and behavioral processes, which then releases naturally occurring opiates called endorphins to stimulate the immune system. As a result we experience lowering of blood pressure, reduced anxiety and depression and a blissful, peaceful feeling.

Sanskrit mantras, are sound formulas, packed with energy and intention, that have a profound effect on the Body-Mind -Spirit.

When these sound waves (mantras) are combined with thought waves (intentions), they become powerful tools for insight, healing, creativity and spiritual growth. The healing powers of sanskrit chanting are just now being discovered in the Western world. Mantras use sound waves, sound energy, to heal our minds on the subconscious level, where the roots of our modern anxieties are found.