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Sound Bath|Summer Solstice

Thursday | June 21st
6:45pm – 8:00pm
Mission Viejo Home Studio

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Immerse yourself in healing waves of sound as your mind becomes free to enter a dreamlike, deep meditative state.There is no water or undressing in a GONG bath. Just the glorious, therapeutic sound of the gong, played arrhythmically to release your brainwaves into a state of entrainment, where your brainwaves switch frequencies.

Your brainwaves will move swiftly from Alpha, where daydreams take place, into Theta, where you experience a deep meditative state which is very beneficial to healing. Some individuals may also pass into Delta and experience a deep, restful sleep.

The journey begins with therapeutic essential oils, tuning in through several Kundalini Yoga breath & warm up techniques to clear the meridians of the body to prepare for its deep relaxation. Relaxing comfortably on the back with bolsters and blankets while the Gong and Crystal bowls are played to create a deep peaceful state of relaxation.

Open to all levels | Please pre-sign up for this class to save your space

Benifits include feeling more centered, clarity in your mind and awakening the entire glandular system. Each class will bring you deeper awareness, intuition, healing and feeling of peace and joy.

COST: $20

Studio: Mission Viejo

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