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Full Moon Circle

Thursday | June 28th
6:45pm – 8:45pm
Mission Viejo Studio

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Connect through the Power of the Sacred Feminine through Ancient Rituals of Celebrating under the Full Moon. This Sacred time is about Releasing and Letting go of the past lunar cycle and the emotions that were created. Join this Sacred Circle and find yourself immersed with a loving and supportive group of Wise Women.

The Full Moon is about peaking and releasing the old: letting go of lower energies that come from upsets or any negative events, as well as negative patterns you may have fallen into. It’s about releasing toxic thoughts, habits, ways of being, and, indeed toxic people. It’s letting-go and clean-slate time. It’s when we should release the things we don’t want: guilt, fear, disappointment, jealously – anything that is counter productive.

Feel yourself leave lighter, brighter and happier!

Cost: $25
Studio: Mission Viejo

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