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Sound Healing


IMAGINE IMMERSING YOURSELF IN HEALING WAVES OF SOUND as your mind becomes free to enter a dreamlike, deep meditative state.

There is no water or undressing in a SOUND BATH. Just the glorious, therapeutic sound of the Planetary Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls.

The GONG is played arrhythmically to release your brainwaves into a state of entrainment, where your brainwaves switch frequencies. While the CRYSTAL BOWLS activate different chakras, organs, pineal gland, the integration of the third eye and the adrenal system.
Your brainwaves will move swiftly from Alpha, where daydreams take place, into Theta, where you experience a deep meditative state which is very beneficial to HEALING. Some individuals may also pass into Delta and experience a deep, restful sleep.
Join my monthly Soundbaths and create inner balance and deep peace in your life.