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NEW MOON & FULL MOON – Warrior Goddess Sacred Sisterhood Circles

MOON CIRCLES ARE SACRED TIMES WE SET ASIDE FOR OURSELVES TO DEEPLY CONNECT TO OUR FEMININITY. The New & Full Moon ritual is an opportunity to come together in community – “Sisterhood” to align for spiritual connection and growth. As women we have a need and desire to bring our mental, emotional and physical bodies into balance. Letting go of unhealthy patterns, sending healing to places in need, and opening ourselves to receive Divine LOVE.

New Moon energy allow us to focus on new beginnings for the month and Full Moon energy we let go and release what no longer serves us as woman. Allowing our true Goddess energy to emerge.

These are intimate gatherings where woman can come together to experience deep breathing heart opening exercises, meditation, divine mantra and chanting, and a sharing circle for personal reflection, and voicing intentions for manifestation in the energy of the moon. In the sharing circle, we reflect on what we have learned in the previous month, and attune to how we can make the most of the coming month. We wind up the event around the firepit, chanting and burning our intentions into the ethers.

Come and learn the science of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Self Love… so you can live in service of your Highest Self. Each month will be a theme and how it relates with the moon. Spaces are limited to keep the gathering intimate, so please sign up early for these sacred events. Arrive 30 minutes early and enjoy a cup of chai tea with other beautiful goddesses. Sometimes we stay after and enjoy a glass of wine under the full moon light around the fire.

“We as women have the power and capability to really create, transform and manifest when we come together in a supporting, non-judgmental way, MAGIC happens.” LISA