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I Have Faith
Are you looking to deepen your spiritual practice. Do you feel a lack of focus in your life, or are you in the middle of a rough patch in your relationship?

Whether you are experiencing a time of transition or feeling the restlessness that comes with needing to make positive changes in your life, Private Kundalini Yoga & Meditation sessions can help you find the clarity and stillness you need to create a life you LOVE.

Through One on One Sessions, you will learn to:

  • Focus on your breathing. During times of stress, your breathing becomes shallow, which can reduce the amount of oxygen your body takes in and contribute to high blood pressure, stress and anxiety.
  • Invoke relaxation. Most people hold stress in different parts of their bodies, storing it as tension. As you focus on your breathing, I will guide you through muscle relaxation. As you progress, relaxation will become second nature to you.
  • Release stress points. We will discover where you habitually carry your stress in your body and work on letting go of the accumulated strain.
  • Take control of your life. I will support you in reorganizing and prioritizing your goals and plan of action to help guide you in your unique journey.
  • Find self-awareness. Uncover and accept yourself as you truly are, in all of your glory, and not who you or anyone else thinks you should be.

One-on- One Sessions
One hour session $95
Package of 5 sessions $400

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