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Couples Connection

Do you long for a deeper connection with your partner? Would you like more romance in your life? Is their a lack of communication and trust between you both?

Couples night out are for those who are interested in creating a Sacred Union through the art of “Venus Kriyas” a form of intimate relationship building through Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

In these intimate candle lit evenings we use essential oils, the sacred sound of mantra, and crystal singing bowls to create a deeper relaxation. Powerful breathing in unison through partnership meditations, eye gazing, and chanting generates a strong psycho-magnetic field creating a bond between partners.

Energy is drawn in and directed positively towards subconscious cleansing and raising the consciousness, through the chakras to higher devine consciousness. Couples report feeling a deeper connection and closeness with their partner and enjoy the romantic aspect of the class.

Not only does this sacred journey raise awareness to physical touch, but how to appropriately support and show vulnerabilities together. You are in store for a romantic evening of intimacy.

In this symbolic class, you can expect relaxation, reconnection and a deep healing with your significant other.


  • Revitalize your emotional connection
  • Get rid of grudges
  • Know your partners love language
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Open the heart center
  • Enhances your relationship
  • Cultivate Connection
  • Improved Communication
  • Create a stronger bond
  • Create more Romance

“The institution of marriage is a union of two polarities to go through everything devotedly. Where there is emotional upset, what devotion is there?

-Yogi Bhajan