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Kathyrn Carlson, Laguna Niguel

I am a life long seeker. I grew up in a uniquely hyper spiritual Christian tradition that never seemed to provide all that I wanted to know. I found yoga when I was 17 I have been doing yoga on and off for 10 years. Despite this seeking- I h...

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Joe Schmidt, Aliso Viejo

Lisa Vitta is a deeply loving, caring, nurturing and spiritually rich individual who gracefully guides each client or student to new energetic highs during every encounter! She is devoted to helping others, has the ability to listen, understand...

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Robin Lambert

I just wanted to share a few words about my teacher, mentor and friend, Lisa Vitta. Although I have done yoga and pilates over many years, I have never had a teacher that has taught so much more than a “class.” Lisa changed peoples live...

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Rochelle Schneider

Focusing the power of mantra and breath, Lisa has guided me through a process of healing physical and emotional trauma and continues to help me evolve to my highest and best self. My body is out of pain and I now have practical knowledge of ho...

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Katie Hill

Lisa brings so much love and energy to her work, when something seems impossible, she helps you find a way! I did private classes with Lisa and attended many of her studio classes as well.She got me to open up to the possibilities in my life an...

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I love everything about her class! It completes me from head to toes each time and I don’t want to leave her classroom. The more I go to her classes the more I am fulfilled. TRULY AMAZING !!! Kundalini Yoga has helped me with so many difficul...

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I have recently retired and looking to repair years of working and life stress. I began trying different yoga classes until I stumbled across a particular yoga called Kundalini. They say when you are ready the universe gives you the right teach...

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