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My Mantra

SAT NAM – Truth is our Name

I Love the ancient language of Sanskrit
I Witness Miracles Daily
Wish it – Dream it – Do it
I love giving life sermons from a glass of wine
If I could have one Wish granted it would be that ALL women knew how beautiful they are.
Guru Ram a Das is my favorite mantra
I play mantra all day in my house
I love a long car drive so I can chant the whole way!
I have learned it’s not about fixing everybody, but just listening with empathy.

I sometimes feel like a Lone Wolf
I believe less is more and successful people
know how to just BE.
I went across the world to India only to learn that we need to find our Devotion in every aspect of our Life.
Family means everything to me
My life feels like a sitcom most days.

The more I dive into the meaning of life the more I believe I can put the puzzle together.
I feel like I have lived in a cave in a past life and sometimes I miss the quietness.
The highlight of my life is being a teacher to such amazing students.

I need to leave this life making a difference!