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Experience Kundalini YogaYour Journey to Personal Discovery
Relax & Rejuvenate your Soulwith the Universal Sound of the Gong
"A Flexible Spine is a Flexible Mind"...Yogi Bhajan
Love Shaking...Heart Awakening YogaOpen to your Sexual Creative Energy!

Enlightened Living is conscious living! As a yogi and a teacher I found that yoga & exercise, a healthy vegan diet, expressing gratitude and creating community with my students & friends creates joy and balance in my everyday life.


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Yoga Studio

Everything You Need to Know

New to Kundalini? Lisa’s Studio Sound Baths Moon Circles
New to Kundulini?

THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF YOGA, and they all have the same goal: to establish unity between breath and movement; body and spirit; between you as an individual and the Universe. That’s what the word “yoga” means: union.

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Lisa's Home Studio

Looking to find a smaller more intimate space for deepening your spiritual learning? Join Lisa in her new Yoga Studio located in her very own backyard. Enjoy a warm more personal approach to learning yoga & meditation techniques, sacred sound healing and goddess moon circles.

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Sound Healing

IMAGINE IMMERSING YOURSELF IN HEALING WAVES OF SOUND as your mind becomes free to enter a dreamlike, deep meditative state.
There is no water or undressing in a SOUND BATH. Just the glorious, therapeutic sound of the Planetary Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls.

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New Moon & Full Moon - Warrior Goddess Sacred Circles

MOON CIRCLES ARE SACRED TIMES WE SET ASIDE FOR OURSELVES TO DEEPLY CONNECT TO OUR FEMININITY. The New & Full Moon ritual is an opportunity to come together in community – “Sisterhood” to align for spiritual connection and growth.

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Classes, Workshops& Events

Heal your body-Heal your mind with a holistic approach to yoga, tapping into your true potential. These classes are designed to awaken the heart & free your spirit!

Full Moon Circle
Thursday | June 28th 6:45pm - 8:45pm Mission Viejo Studio Sign Up
Soulful Sundays
Sundays 10:30am - 11:45am You and the Mat Studio, Laguna Niguel Sign Up
Kundalini Yoga
Tuesdays 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm You and the Mat Studio, Laguna Niguel Sign Up
Anti Aging & Hormonal Balancing
Thursday | July 5th | 6:45pm Thursday | July 19th | 6:45pm Mission Viejo Studio (Ageless - True Beauty begins WITHIN you) Sign Up
NEW MOON Workshop |Manifesting through the Chakras | Kundalini Yoga
Friday | July 13th 7:00pm - 9:00pm Mission Viejo Studio Sign Up

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Lisa Vitta


I love the experience of coming together in community and feel so blessed to be able to offer intimate gatherings where we can all combine our Wisdom & Passion. Join me for intimate spiritual gatherings in my home studio and visit me at You and the Mat Studio for weekly classes.
We all deserve to be Happy, Healthy & Holy

Give the gift ofHealth, Happiness & Abundance

Everyone could use a little more balance and energy in their life. Share the love and give that special someone in your life a gift card to your favorite event or even their own private one on one session.

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A Haven ForConnecting Community

Join in my monthly Sacred Feminine Moon Circles as we come together as sisters to create abundance in our lives under the Full & New Moon. In theses Sacred Circles....

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